The subtitle system on the site uses a special type of extension for selected songs.

Before adding subtitles make sure they are properly formatted.

Below is the instructions for adding subtitles. (Incorrect subtitle formats will be removed from the system or they will not be saved)

1. The current system uses various formats, among others:


It is recommended to use the default subtitle format: .srt or .vtt

2. The declaration "WEBVTT" must appear at the beginning of the format, otherwise the subtitles will not work. (By default, the system adds declarations automatically or after verifying a saved subtitle package)

3. After creating subtitles in the system, create a channel that allows the service to separately reach the appropriate subtitle package for the selected music video.

4. The subtitle display is signaled by a special icon in the video player. If the icon is missing, the subtitles on the system go into "sleep" mode until the video file is configured by the administrator.

5. All subtitles on the website are counted and made available under the TAYCC license.